Bio Is Life, LLC ....The Media Company for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy


Bio Is Life Media embodies the spirit of its founders and content contributors. In a time where science and technology are in almost every part of our lives, we wish to enrich the minds of our users with content that does not mislead or confuse, but rather educates, excites and inspires. We have a distinct mission at this start up to bring trustworthy, clear, and noteworthy biomedical science & scientific content to the public.

This company was birthed from a passion to educated and entertain, as well as from an aversion to the current state of scientific reporting and online content. Our content has three overarching themes;

1)  To engage our users without using sensationalized headlines and embellished conclusions from scientific publications.

2) To expand the love of scientific inquiry and biomedical science to the masses by sharing perspectives of Scientists, Graduate Students, Entrepreneurs, Tech Innovators, Medical Professionals and Science Enthusiasts.

3) Creating a quality experience with content that bridges the disconnect between Published Papers and News Articles, resulting in a scientifically literate society with the greater ability to make informed decisions.

Bio Is Life Media believes in creating a relationship between the content creator and its audience. It is a collaborative approach inspired from today’s scientific practices that will make us a better media company that engages it’s audience in a unique way. Within the coming year, Bio Is Life Media plans to deliver multiple web series, educational content, scientific news, perspective blogs, and interviews with the brightest stars in biomedical science. These stars hold the keys to our future as they elucidate the origins of disease and produce cutting edge therapeutics, and we are elated to be the media company that acts as a conduit for these stories.

See our “Founders” page to learn about the minds that ignited the intellectual Flamethrower that is

Bio Is Life Media.

We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future. -JFK