Concept Corner For All Your Questions, Big and Small!

Are there terms in the Biomedical field that confuse you? Make you crinch at the sight of them? When you see deoxyribonucleic acid or gastrulation, do you instantly turn your brain off? Well, never fear! We are here to help you understand these CONCEPTS and more! In this section of the website, we go into detail about the intricacies of these complex and convoluted topics in a manner that anyone will be able to understand. After reading our explanations, you will be able to describe the topic to anyone in your family or group of friends. We use analogies to make the topics discussed here manageable to grasp. Our goal for this page’s posts are to make biomedical science fun, approachable, and insightful for laymen(women) and scientists alike.

We encourage comments and questions on all our posts to help spur discussion, clarify the topics discussed, and to make sure we do not leave anyone behind when we try to describe the wonders of biology, evolution, proteins, cells, ecology, cancer, and many more! Please, email us at with any requests on “confusing” information, ideas, notions, CONCEPTS and words that you see in the news, daily life, or the rantings of your pseudoscience loving uncle! We are here to provide an educational service to our audience, and the only way we can do that is with YOUR help! So, next time your friend, aunt, or doctor uses a term that throws you for a loop, please, ask us in the comments or via email and we will help you out in a jiffy!