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Welcome to our weekly live stream video page! On this page, you will see our archived videos from our flagship live show! This show is based on an open and frank discussion of both science topics as well as social issues. We take a weekly look at science themes such as HIV, In Vitro Fertilization, and Hormonal Male Birth Control. In addition to our effort to educate our audience in the world of science, we use our research training and abilities to get to the bottom of societal topics, issues, and problems such as the Dakota Access Pipeline, Religion in ancient and modern times, and the ethics behind the 3-parent child born in the UK. We present all our sources, and our deductions, so that our audience can make their own conclusions. We encourage you to visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and to participate every week in our live discussion on our Facebook Page. Participation by our audience is key to the show’s success! Please, share your comments and ask any and all questions about the topics discussed. We respond in real time to give you more content and a deeper understanding of the content covered.