Lebaron Agostini is currently a graduate PhD student studying Genetics and Cancer Biology. Lebaron grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the neighborhood of East Flatbush before moving to South Florida to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Initially, Lebaron’s career focus was on becoming a Pharmacist by enrolling in a Pharm D graduate program. While working as a pharmacy technician and going to school full time he decided to do a summer of population genetics research at FAU. The following semester he transitioned to a undergraduate research lab focused on discovering novel antibiotics from soil bacteria.

Before long, his career focus took a shift towards obtaining a PhD, but was still undecided in what avenue of science to pursue. Ambitious as ever, Lebaron did a summer research internship at the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, where he focused on differentiating natural killer cells and natural killer cell biology in type 1 diabetes. After graduating from FAU,  Lebaron worked at the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) until he was admitted to a graduate program the following year. During his time at UM DRI, Lebaron narrowed his research interest, reflected on his academic training and research experience, and decided to  pursue chromatin biology and cancer initiation, which led to his current enrollment at TJU.

Lebaron has always had an interest in science writing and science education. Aside from his academia endeavors, he has been advocating for increased public scientific literacy, better scientific communication, science reporting, and an emphasis on STEM education. Its this advocacy, along with finding like-minded partners with vision, that led to the birth of the this website. Lebaron feels Bio Is Life Media can utilize the collaborative approach that is fundamental to science to transcend the current fake news, click-bait, woo quackery media content, that plagues science information on the web. For information on Lebaron Agostini’s achievements, awards and scholarships, connect with him on his Linkedin Profile.

Bio Is Life Media aims to be the most trustworthy science site on the web. It’s not about clicks, it’s about facts, making sure people are informed and putting a smile on their face.

Co-Founder LeBaron Agostini



David Deming II was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA approximately an hour north of Philadelphia. He moved to Philadelphia to attend Te
mple University for his undergraduate education; where he completed a BA in Biological Anthropology, completed coursework for pre-medicine, and minored in Biology. His intentions for graduate/professional training was to attend medical school, however, after shadowing and investigating the medical field, he knew this was not the field for him. He then took a job as a personal trainer to give him the flexibility to examine a variety of career options related to the field of biology.

It was during this period of growth and reflection that he shadowed a client with a PhD in Neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania. His imagination, passion, and curiosity was instantly stoked about a career in academia, research, and teaching. This decision was built upon two key previous events: 1) reading the book called “Evo Devo: Endless Forms Most Beautiful” by Dr. Sean B. Carroll 2) his passion for teaching that he developed as a personal trainer and workout class instructor.

He applied to Thomas Jefferson University to achieve is MS in Cell and Developmental Biology. This stepping stone gave him the laboratory experience that his resume was lacking to gain admittance into a PhD level program. During his Master’s studies, he worked in Dr. Lucia Languino’s laboratory researching radiation resistant prostate cancer for his thesis project. During this time, he was admitted into the Genetics, Genomics, and Cancer Biology PhD program at Thomas Jefferson University.

He envisions that this website can bring people of all walks of life and all education levels together in the pursuit of knowledge. The goal of this educational endeavor is to dispel the misinformation that is so prevalent in today’s media, especially the wave of pseudoscience that inundates people every day. He believes that this wave has taken over our society, and thus, taken over the discourse of science public policy, the way people see scientists, and infected the minds of people all over with falsehoods that need to be dispelled.

For us to accomplish this, we need you, the reader and viewer to help us here at Bio is Life Media. We need people from all backgrounds to carry this narrative and to disperse accurate and true information to the world around us. We cannot accomplish this goal without you! Please, join us in making the world a brighter and more informed world, one person at a time!


Nate Velazquez currently works a PPC account manager, managing multiple accounts across a wide variety of industries. Nate has worked with foreign trade zones, large ecommerce businesses, healthcare organizations, and everything in between over the years. His path to a career in digital marketing has taken him across the country and back.

Nate grew up in Bethlehem, PA and always had an interest in marketing. While in undergrad at Temple University in Philadelphia, he quickly realized that the current job market was not promising for undergrads with no real experience. After graduating in 2011, he worked for an online business in Easton PA, and was first exposed to the opportunities on the web. Nate learned about how businesses were leveraging digital marketing to optimize their website’s performance, and became fascinated with the industry. Eventually Nate decided to get his Master’s of Science in Marketing at the University of Tampa. He worked as a personal trainer, a boxing instructor, and interned at several businesses while completing his degree. After graduating in 2013, Nate worked for a small advertising agency in St. Petersburg, FL.

His desire to learn more about the workings of the internet led him to found an online business and sell fitness apparel. Eventually Nate joined a larger agency in Tampa, where he began to focus on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, and analytics. One of the main reasons Nate is so involved in the internet community as a whole is seeing the effects it has had on human beings. The internet has opened so many opportunities for people across the world to share ideas and learn, and achieve incredible medical breakthroughs over the last 20 years. While his time in Florida was great, Nate made the move back to Philadelphia in August 2016 for a great opportunity with one of the best PPC agencies in the country.

Over the years Nate has had a wide range of articles published, from mixed martial arts to PPC strategies. He sees seeking knowledge as a life-long commitment, and is always looking to connect with others. His vision for this website is to build a community where people of all education bases can share and discuss how science affects the world around us.


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