Fact Check Friday

Fact Check Friday is the place where pseudoscience comes to die and our contributors leave it all on the table to express their views backed by evidence. Bio is Life Media is bringing high grade debunking content in the form of a short web series and blog posts aimed at popular misconceptions. The majority of our content is made to properly inform, but we decided that we had to extend the platform and dedicate content towards undoing some of the erroneous conclusions based on pseudoscience and wrongful science news reporting.


Popular claims in health, medical treatments, human biology, and other mainstream controversial topics well be clarified here. We want to be as interactive as possible in regards to bringing users noteworthy content based on topics you want to clear about. Below is a suggestion box that allows our audience to send us topics that they would like for us to debunk on a weekly basis. To stay up to date with our content, visit our Fact Check Friday Blog Page.


Topics To Fact Check

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