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This is the land of innovation and entrepreneurs. Innovator Interviews is based on highlighting the minds of Tech Innovators, Biomedical Scientist, Physicians, Students, Science Communicators, and Entrepreneurs, who have made or are making an impact in their respective fields. A mix of videos and blog write-ups will be the primary vessels for information transfer on this page. We are also very fond of highlighting graduate students making waves in their respective fields. A huge part of bringing you cutting edge innovation is also giving the young innovators the recognition they deserve.

This by far will be our broadest content page on this website, we won’t limit our Innovators to just biomedical science because often technologies are re-purposed and reconfigured for multiple roles. We believe when creativity and science meet, you get innovation as an outcome. As we showcase the creative minds that bring technologies and ideas to change the world, our interviewers will give you their retrospective take on the interview topic. To keep track of the newest content for this page, follow the Innovator Interview Blog.

This page will also highlight Our “Innovator of the Month” below, telling you why we selected them and what they are doing to change our world.

Innovator Of The Month: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla, recently dropped some very interesting news in the renewable energy department. Musk has a third huge venture where he is chairman, SolarCity. Musk is the co-founder of SolarCity, a company with its feet entirely submerged in the clean energy industry. Tesla and SolarCity have combined to bring new technology in the form of advanced solar panels in efforts to battle climate change. Solar panels aren’t new, they’ve been around for more than a few decades, dating back to the 50’s. What is new, however, are increased efficiency and style. Elon made the distinction that Tesla isn’t just an electric car company, but a company focused on accelerating the advent of renewable energy.  A goal similarly in line with that of SolarCity’s mission of bringing affordable renewable energy to the public.

Let’s Talk About The Tech (Solar Roofs)

Musk has come out with solar-panel integrated glass roof tiles. The solar glass tiles come in 4 styles, They’re made from tempered glass demonstrated to be tougher and lighter than ordinary tiles used in current roofs. More importantly, the chic style is for consumers, but their function is for the future. The solar roof tiles combined with a Tesla energy pack, the Powerwall 2, are made to transform houses into fully functional renewable homes. This is a great step in the direction of producing tech for renewable energy. You can check out more info on the Tesla and SolarCity Websites about the specifics of the panels.

Check Out The Video Below To Watch Elon Musk Present The New Tech